Meet The Crew

Daizy Gedeon

Daizy Gedeon

Director, Writer, Executive Producer

Daizy Gedeon

Daizy Gedeon is a Lebanese-Australian filmmaker, journalist, and entrepreneur.

Patrick Rohr

Patrick Rohr


Patrick Rohr

Patrick started his career in the late 2000’s working on large Australian and US feature films.

Justin Hanrahan ACS

Justin Hanrahan ACS

Director of Photography

Justin Hanrahan ACS

Justin Hanrahan is an ACS award-winning cinematographer who has been honing his craft for over 25 years.

Marcus D'Arcy ASE

Marcus D'Arcy ASE


Marcus D'Arcy ASE

Marcus D’Arcy is an Academy Award ™ nominated editor and legend of the Australian film industry.

George Tombs

George Tombs


George Tombs

Georges Tomb comes from a long and vibrant lineage of artists and musicians.

Character Bios

Darina Al-Joundi


A child survivor of the Lebanese civil war, Darina turned her traumatic past into her passion. She has graced the theatres in France and appeared on hit TV shows Homeland & Tyrant. Darina was recently given her French citizenship for her roles as an advocate for women rights.

Dr Walid Alami

Cardiologist and civil activist

Dr Walid returned to live in Lebanon in 2012 after spending 26 years in the USA. An outspoken advocate against the corrupt system he continues to stand up for justice, equality and equal opportunity.

Rabab Al Sadr

Social and Human Rights Activist

Sister of the Shiite cleric Musa Al Sadr who gave the Shia population in Lebanon a sense of community and belonging. Musa disappeared in Libya in 1978 along with two other Lebanese who were on a mission to bring peace to the region and end Lebanon’s civil war.

Gebran Bassil

Minister of Telecommunications 2008- 2009

Minister of Energy and Water 2009-2014

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Emigrants 2014-2020

The “shadow president”, son in law of President Michel Aoun and the President of the Free Patriotic Movement. In November 2020 he was sanctioned by the US government over charges of “systemic corruption”.

Alain Bifani

Director-General Lebanese Ministry of Finance 2000-2020

The youngest appointed Director-General in Lebanese history. In 2020 he resigned blaming the sabotage by vested interests of Lebanon’s economic recovery. Founder of The Lebanese Citizen Foundation which proposes to provide insights and policy for the political overhaul and public policies in Lebanon

Thanassis Cambanis

Senior Fellow The Century Foundation

An expert in Middle Eastern politics, his work focuses on U.S. foreign policy, Arab politics, and social movements in the Middle East.

Dr Inaya Ezzeddine M.D.

Former Minister of State for Administrative Reform 2016-2019

She is a politician and doctor and a member of the Amal Movement, which is headed by the Speaker of the House in the Lebanese Government, Nabih Berri. She chairs the women and children parliamentary committee. In 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron awarded her the Legion of Honor.

Tom Fletcher CMG

Principal Hertford College, Oxford University

British Ambassador to Lebanon 2011- 2015

While serving in Beirut, Fletcher pioneered a more open style of diplomacy, with many of his own blog posts going viral (Dear Lebanon and Yalla goodbye Lebanon). Currently he serves as the Principal Hertford College, Oxford University.

Mohammad Fneich

Hezbollah Party Member, Minister of Sports and Youth

He has been a Member of Parliament since 1992 and has held ministerial portfolios since 2005 formerly serving as Minister of Energy & Water, Minister of Labor, and Minister of Administrative Reform. He is a moderate in the Hezbollah Party.

Samir Geagea

Executive Chairman Lebanese Forces

Former militia commander during the Lebanese Civil War he currently serves as Executive Chairman Lebanese Forces. Saad Hariri declared him the king maker in Lebanese politics for his secret deal with President Aoun.

Dr Carmen Geha

Civil Activist and Assistant Professor of Public Administration

A long-time civil society activist, she has founded and supported myriad regional initiatives to enhance the representation of women. Active member of the Committee for the Role of Women in Decision-making at NCLW.

Samy Gemayel MP

Leader Lebanese Social Democratic Party (formerly Kataeb Party)

He is the son of former President Amine Gemayel (1982-1988). He became leader of the party after his older brother, Pierre Gemayel, was assassinated by the Syrians in 2006. He is a progressive reformist who strongly believes in inclusive diversity.

Frances Guy

British Ambassador to Lebanon 2006-2011

Guy served as Ambassador to Lebanon. Following this she was appointed as a UN Women’s Representative.

Saad Hariri

Prime Minister of Lebanon 2009-2011 & 2016-2020

The son of Rafik Hariri. He founded and has been leading the Future Movement party since 2007, an essentially Sunni movement that was created and led by his late father. He was the leader of the March 14 Alliance, a coalition of political groups born out of the Cedar Revolution which, through mass popular demonstrations and Western support, led to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon in 2005 after a 29-year occupation.

Omar Jheir


Omar is one of the brightest lights of the emerging group of Lebanese entrepreneurs returning to Lebanon to establish a new business. He currently owns Sip Caf é in Beirut as well as a boutique hotel in the Gemayze neighbourhood which were destroyed during the port explosion on 4 August but since been rebuilt. Married to Hala Okeili.

Salim Jreissati

Former Minister of Justice 2016-2019

Currently serving as State Minister of Presidential Affairs, he is a member of the Free Patriotic Movement and closely aligned to President Michel Aoun and Gebran Bassil. He served at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) as a legal advisor for the defence team of four Hezbollah members.

Georges Khabbaz


A legendary Lebanese actor, writer, producer and director. Born into a family of artists, he was four years old when he stood for the first time on stage during a school play about the Life of St. Maron, but professionally he began his theatre career in 1994.

Michel Moawad

Former MP

Son of former President-elect Renee Moawad who was assassinated by the Syrian regime in 1989 one day prior to taking office. He is the founder and president of the popular Independence Movement party. In May 2018 he was elected to Parliament but resigned in protest following the August 4, 2020 explosion. He is a leading figure and founding member of the Lebanese Opposition Front and is a sovereigntist, reformist, and freedom-advocate.

Hala Okeili

Yoga instructor and lawyer

The Yoga queen of Lebanon. A strong-willed, outspoken woman who left the law to bring the power of inner peace to the Lebanese and provide them an alternate focus to the anger and frustration that has dominated their existence due to Lebanon’s recent troubled history. Married to Omar Jheirand expecting their first baby on the anniversary of the explosion.

Elie Saab

Fashion Designer

Lebanon’s favorite son and a true believer in his country. One of the world’s best known fashion designers he continues to create gowns for the world’s royalty, Oscar winners, musicians, artists and the who’s who of the international jet set from his Atelier in Beirut. He is the first Arab to be admitted to the fashion industry’s governing body, Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

Riad Salameh

Governor Banque Du Liban 1993-Present

One of the longest serving Central Bankers in the world. Currently under investigation by the French, Swiss and UK over allegations of conspiracy, embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars and money laundering.



A member of parliament for 10 years. Tueni is the CEO is of Lebanon’s most famous newspaper, An Nahar. Tueni is a 4th generation journalist and daughter of the assassinated journalist Gebran Tueni.

Paula Yacoubian

Independent Member of Parliament

A politician of Armenian origins, she became the first truly independent politician to be elected to the Lebanese Parliament in 2018. Formerly a prominent TV journalist who worked on various networks including ICN, LBCI, ART and Future TV. On 8 August 2020 she resigned calling for a new government after the Beirut Port explosion. She was chosen by the World Bank group as a member of their ‘External Advisory Panel for Diversity and Inclusion’ as a result of her advocacy for women’s rights.

Dr James Zogby

President The Arab American Institute

Founder of the Arab American Institute, a Washington DC based organization that serves as a political and policy research arm of the Arab American community. In 2013 President Obama appointed Zogby to the United States commission on International Religious Freedom.