Paul and Tracy Naggear

Parents of Alexandra Naggear, youngest Lebanese victim of the blast. 

The August 4 Collective

Tracy and Paul Naggear are the parents of 3.5-year old Alexandra Naggear, who passed away as a result of the Beirut Port explosion on the 4th of August 2020. Following her passing, they decided to fight for justice, as it unfortunately is not a given in their country, where justice depends on a ruling mafia and impunity prevails. It is for that purpose that they founded the August 4th Collective along with other families of victims, legal and human rights institutions, NGOs, activists, and key civil society actors. The collective worked on securing the local investigation through protests and media influence, implementing complementary international justice strategies through the United Nations notably, and delivering social support to their neighborhood affected by the blast. They are both founders and directors of FABERNOVEL Middle East, a Paris-based innovation agency focusing on delivering strategy, design, and technology development across several industries, with the aim of employing and growing Lebanese tech talent.