Albert Kostanian

Albert Kostanian is an economist and an expert in strategy. He is the Executive Chairman of Kulluna Irada and the content producer and host of “Vision 2030”, a leading TV show on LBCI.

Albert has founded and headed the Beirut office of Arthur D. Little, the world premier strategy consulting firm, after having spent years with the firm in France. Albert has also established a boutique consultancy “Levant Consult”. Albert is a Senior Fellow for economy in Issam Fares Institute for Public Policies at the American University of Beirut. He is committed to promoting reforms in Lebanon and regularly publishes articles and studies in various domains in addition to having been active in politics and policy making. He is the co-founder of “Les Plus Beaux Villages du Liban”, an NGO aiming at the preservation of rural heritage in Lebanon. He holds an MSc from the HEC School in Paris and a BA in Economics from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.